The Ox’s Party BBQ Pack

To celebrate families and friends meeting up outdoors again this spring, enjoy the good times again with our Deluxe BBQ Box

We have the perfect box set for you and up to 4 people  –

4 x BBQ chicken wings
4 x Pork ribs
6 x Buxton pork sausages
2 x Buxton dry aged 6oz rump steaks
Crunchy slaw

We have a fantastic selection of drinks for you to choose from –

Choose from a bottle of Rivarosé or 12 ciders/beers plus a bottle of one our legendary cocktails:
Classic Margarita, Passionfruit Martini or Coconut Daiquiri!


This BBQ pack serves 2/4 people and is available for delivery from March 17th


Rivarosé, Ciders or Beer?

A Bottle of Rivarosé, 12 Beers, 12 Ciders, 6 Beers & 6 Ciders

Choose Your Cocktail

Classic Margarita, Passionfruit Martini, Coconut Daiquiri